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The canisters are now with and without bags. Both have their pros and cons, so deciding which one of them the best vacuum cleaner is not easy. In addition, there are cordless vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners and suction robots.
Specific wattage is one of the purchase criteria, but it only partially says something about the actual suction power. The nozzle, suction tube and design also play an important role in the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

So we have gathered for you the best rated canister vacuum

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10 Best Rated Canister Vacuum

Types of vacuum cleaners

Although there are countless different types, one vacuum cleaner works always according to the same principle: motor, vacuum, so the air stream is generated, dust, dirt, ash, and small particles are sucked in through a suction pipe or floor suction cup. They are collected, depending on the model, in a container or vacuum cleaner bag and can be easily disposed of in the garbage afterwards.

However, today there are many varieties. Industrial vacuum cleaners, which can absorb not only dust but also liquids and ashes, we want in this Comparison of vacuum cleaners do not illuminate the details, but focus on the home vacuum cleaner.

So, before you get to choose and purchase one of the vacuum cleaners, it is also worth to know the basic types of these devices.

Bag vacuum cleaner

The most popular is still the classic bag vacuum cleaner, where dirt is collected in linen or paper bags.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

Also referred to as a cyclone vacuum cleaner. In this case, we do not need to replace the bags, because the dirt is collected in a special plastic tank.

Water vacuum cleaner

So called vacuum cleaner with water filter – the dirt stops in the water tank. After cleaning, the water filter should be replaced.

Washing vacuum cleaner

Is larger in size, but a vacuum cleaner with a washing function will wash your carpet and even collect spilled water. You can say that it is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the vacuum cleaner with a mop. It can be used for both vacuuming and washing tiles.

Why a canister vacuum cleaner?

When it comes to basic floor care, there are three common types of vacuum cleaners: simple vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and canisters. Each type offers its strengths and weaknesses.

Vertical vacuum cleaners are usually the best choice if you have a home that is mainly carpeted. A good vertical vacuum cleaner has considerable suction power and, generally speaking, a wider cleaning path than a canister vacuum cleaner. To top it all off, vertical vacuum cleaners are heavy, can be difficult to maneuver and are extremely difficult to use on stairs.

Stick vacuum cleaners are best reserved for quick cleaning. If you don’t live in a very small house, a stick vacuum will not replace a regular vacuum cleaner. But the stick vacuum is great for vacuuming, getting a place to show up before guests arrive, and sucking until the animal hair.

Canister vacuum cleaners are perfect for hard floors, depending on the model, they do fair to good work on carpets as well. The canister vacuums are also much easier to maneuver than the others. They extend further under the furniture, and due to their design, they feel much lighter during use.

If your home has stairs, you’ll appreciate a long pipe and a separate canister vacuum cleaner head. Plus, you can use the vac canister for curtains, upholstery and even the interior of the car.

There are several disadvantages to vacuum cleaners. Many can’t compete with the vertical VAC when it comes to carpets, especially if the carpet has a high stack. A smaller canister vacuum canister head still longer to cover a large floor space, and it’s harder to store a canister vacuum in an upright position.

Still, if your home has lots of stairs, hard floors, tight corners and/or furniture raised upside down, a vacuum canister could be your best choice.

Bagged canister vacuum cleaners, and bagless vacuum cleaners.

In battle of bags versus bag vacuum cleaners, owners are divided according to preference. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

Canister bag vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaners collect dirt and dust in the bag that is thrown in the garbage when filled. Bags have a variety of HEPA filtering options that significantly reduce allergens and prevent dust from accumulating inside the vacuum or blows back into the room.

Advantages: Bag vacuum cleaners are the best choice if allergies are a major problem in your home. You will not need to replace or clean the filter so often, and you will not be exposed to allergens or dusts when you replace the bag.

Disadvantages: You need to buy bags, and most vacuum cleaners start losing suction power as soon as the bag fills up.

Canister bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless Caniter vacuum cleaner has a plastic compartment that collects dust and rubbish. and you neet to empty the compartiment when it is full.

Often this is a process that sloppiness exposes you to all allergens and gravel inside the chamber.

Advantages: No bag to buy, thereby reducing your current expenses. Bagles Vacuum cleaners are more environmentally friendly because they are not dropping off a paper bag.

Disadvantages: Along with the potential for dusty clutter when emptying the chamber, you will also need to clean the vacuum filter more often, as the dust tends to escape and accumulate in the filter.


Switching directions when vacuuming will remove dirt, hair and other dirt from your carpets.

Things to concider while looking for a Canister vacuum cleaner

A canister vacuum cleaner comes with a wide range of possible functions, and some of these features can meet your needs better than others. Here is a list of the most common features to consider.

Long power cord

If you don’t live in a small space, vacuuming the entire house usually means disconnecting and reconnecting your vacuum cleaner cord at least once or twice in the course of your work. A long power cord – 20 feet or the best – cuts out how often you need to do it.

Coiling cable

This useful feature automatically scrolls the power cord at the touch of a button or with a light tug.

Pipe length

Although many canister vacuum cleaners have a pipe that is five or six feet long, a longer pipe makes it easier to reach back or under furniture.


Each vacuum cleaner has at least one filter, but some have more than one. And some HEPA filters to catch even the tiniest particles of dust and allergens. In the case of vacuum cleaners bags, the bag itself serves as a filter.

Volume of dirt collection

The bagless vacuum cleaner has a plastic container for collecting dirt. If this container is very small, you need to stop and empty it often.

The ability to adjust the height of the brushes

This is usually a lever or knob that allows you to adjust the brush height to different piles of carpet.

Cleaning path

The wider the cleaning head of your vacuum cleaner container, the less passes you have to do to clean the entire floor.

What is worth paying attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner?

Multi-stage air filtration systems

The air filter is one of the most important features that we have to pay attention to. After all, we don’t want part of the dust that’s been pulled into the vacuum cleaner to get back out on the other side.

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) vacuum cleaner is the standard below which we should not go down. These filters are usually made of sintered glass, providing a very high level of filtration. This level is scaled from 10 (standard level) to 13 (highest level). So the HEPA H13 filter will provide you with an excellent protection against dust, ideal for people with allergic reactions.

However, there are models on the market with an even more complex filtration system. They combine the advantages of HEPA filters with a water filter in which dust is filtered through a water tank. The vacuum cleaner with air filtration system is ideal for allergy sufferers. It is a perfect vacuum cleaner for dust mites and mold spores.

Vacuuming range

When buying a vacuum cleaner, be sure to pay attention to the range of the vacuum cleaner. This is particularly important for people with a large home or apartment. This parameter is not always indicated on the vacuum cleaner’s label, but you should ask your dealer about it. Differences can be considerable – vacuum cleaners have a range from a few to even several meters.

Remember that the range of vacuuming consists of both the length of the power cord and the length of the hose and pipe. If you buy a vacuum cleaner with a long vacuuming range, you will not have to switch from socket to socket every now and then.

Turbo or electric brush

Pets are a real challenge for a vacuum cleaner. Especially those with long hair, which is effectively entangled in carpets and carpets. Often even the enormous power of a vacuum cleaner is not enough to get rid of such impurities. For this purpose, special types of brushes have been developed that comb out vacuumed surfaces. In the base of such a brush there is a special roller with a stiff bristle. While the vacuum cleaner is working, the momentum of air in the brush makes it rotate quickly. A turbo-and-brush vacuum cleaner even combs our carpet, pulling out tangled hair and other troublesome impurities.

An alternative to a turbo brush is a vacuum cleaner with an electric brush. In this case, the brush is connected to the body of the vacuum cleaner by a cable.

Auto-reversion function

The cable that runs behind the vacuum cleaner gets tangled up under your feet? Not for models with auto-reversion. A special mechanism is used to unroll the vacuum cleaner cable when you move away from the socket to which it is connected and reel it in when you move closer to it. An auto-revers vacuum cleaner is very practical, considering that some vacuum cleaners are equipped with up to 10-meter cables.

Wireless vacuum cleaner

Do you dream of a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t run a cable? Which you don’t need to plug into a wall outlet when you move to another part of the house? These vacuum cleaners are already available! They are not powered by cables, but from a battery. They come with special chargers. Usually a few hours of charging is enough to vacuum a house or apartment. The charging status of the batteries is shown on the LED display.

Tips, tricks and regarding the canister vacuum cleaner

Where can a defective vacuum cleaner be disposed of?

Even the best vacuum cleaner will eventually give up its services. As a household appliance, it is considered to be electronic waste and can only be disposed of separately. This means that it can be delivered to a collection point or to a retailer. The dealer from whom you purchased the device is obliged to collect it and dispose of it properly.

Is it worth buying a vacuum cleaner?

In a society that is consuming more and more quickly, there are many ways to buy second hand items that are well received. There is also a canister form without exception. First of all, brand models that are simply obsolete, because again the new successor is on the shelves, you can often buy them at a low price.
But be careful with a cheap vacuum cleaner: it is a cheap vacuum cleaner, this often means additional problems that you may not immediately recognize. For example, it could be a leaking filter or a technical defect inside.

Is it possible to vacuum the chimney with a vacuum cleaner?

We do not recommend this in any case! In addition to ash particles, the chimney also contains soot and thicker particles containing a canister would cause significant damage. Better solution: use one Ashes vacuum cleaner, These vacuum cleaners are particularly durable and are particularly suitable for ashes and burnt materials. The best ash vacuum cleaners can also be used as dry and wet vacuum cleaners.

What happens if the liquid is inadvertently sucked in?

The canister is generally not suitable for absorbing water or other liquids. If water is sucked in, there may be a defect in the rapid reaction of the canister. First of all, pull out the plug to avoid short circuits. Then vacuum the vacuum bag and dry the machine. As a rule, the motor is protected against water, so that not a small amount of water can get into the electronics.
Then Leave the vacuum cleaner with the cover open until it is completely dry. Then you can start the test. If the motor does not start directly or smells of smoke, dispose of the device or take it to a specialist workshop for repair.

Unfortunately, not all vacuum cleaners can handle pet hair. Pet hair is a demanding opponent when it comes to vacuuming. A weak vacuum cleaner with classic brushes will leave most of the hair on carpets. High power and a special brush are required to extract hair from the nooks and crannies of carpets and carpets. So if you are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair, we are sure you will find a pet vacuum that will suite your needs.

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