How to remove pet hair from clothes?

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Have you ever wore your clothes and on your way out, your pet gives you that weird look, you check yourself up in the mirror one last time, you get closer for details then boom!. You noticed that you have a pet hair garden on your clothes. And your head became full of this question:” How to remove pet hair from clothes ?”.

You have now less than ten minutes to get rid of all that Picasso painting of pet hair on your clothes. . Now breathe and don’t panic, cause we’ve been there before and we got you now 4 quick tricks to remove pet hair from clothes. That will stop you from wondering;” how to remove pet hair from clothes?”.

Using a sponge

This might seem crazy but it’s true, grab the nearest sponge you have and if u don’t have it, you can be found on every corner, so use a clean dry sponge.

The way to use is you run it slowly on your clothes and be careful not to ruin them, and the fur will automatically stick to it, repeat until u feel that you’re safe from the nasty hair.

Using rubber gloves

You can use this trick to remove pet hair from both clothes and furniture. But how to get rid of dog hair on clothes? or cat hair with a regular pair of gloves? You might be wondering.

Well say no more it’s so easy, you just have to wet the gloves and run it though your clothes.

Using a lint roller

This method is so fast you can just grab it, peal it, roll it, and you finished.

But if you don’t own one or perhaps you just ran out, well you can make your own with just some duck tape or packaging tape and your hand/circular object, we already put a step by step tutorial for it so click here for further clarification.

Using a lint brush

Well this brush looks like really weird hairbrush because it’s actually … not! This brush instead of bristles it has a furry pad, that pad right there is the one that removes hair.

The way to use is you drag on your clothes starting from the top going downward to the bottom. Please Be aware that this method could actually leave some leftovers. So make sure to add some finishing touches with the lint roller or some duck tape.

A velcro could be useful too, by dragging the rough side on the hair spots, but be careful, it could ruin some fabrics so don’t use this method until all the above are not available .

Now that you know how to remove pet hair from clothes, don’t let pet hair defeat you, because our love for our pets is greater.