How to remove pet hair out of car?

Most pet owners suffer from one problem which is hair, pet hair everywhere! On the couch, on the stairs, on the carpet, and on our cars.

Since we spend some of our time in our cars, statistics stated that it could cause respiratory problems and allergy stimulation. And it’s all due to pet hair and dust.

We love taking our pets on rides and having fun together, but the hair our pets leave behind is an enormous problem. and that left you wondering: How to remove pet hair out of car?. Today we’re going to show you how to remove pet hair from vacuum cleaner

By using these 4 ways, explained step by step, you’ll be mastering how to remove pet hair out of car fast and efficiently.

Note well that we will need the items mentioned below:

  • A Rubber kitchen gloves
  • Balloons
  • Duct tape or Packaging tape
  • A Vacuum cleaner

The First Way on how to remove pet hair out of car is:

Using a pair of Rubber Gloves

This might be the cheapest and the easiest way on how remove pet hair from your car. You might be wondering now how to remove pet hair out of car with just rubber gloves, and will it work ?

By flowing these next steps, Yes my friend, we will show you how to remove pet hair out of your car fast with gloves.

So basically all you need is a typical pair of rubber glove(preferably not with a smooth surface), which you can find easily in any local grocer on the cleaning aisle, put them on and now you’re ready to get rid of the hair.

all u have to do is run your hands through your car seats and your car carpets, by rubbing them down the hair will lift and stick to the glove.

Now you have hair not anymore on the car seats or the car carpet but you have the hair on your hands, the easiest and quickest way to get rid of it now is to dip your hands in water, the hair will unstick from the gloves and float in the water which will give you the opportunity to gather and dispose of the hair from the surface.

The Second Way How to remove pet hair out of car is:

Using Balloons

This tool is rather funny and fun.

By rubbing a mere balloon over your car seats or your car carpet, you’ll notice the hair sticking to the balloon due to its static quality that attracts hair, and then you’re done.

The balloons is washable. Which means you can re-use, but it’s very to tricky when it comes to removing the hair from the balloon, we recommend disposing of the balloon, in order to enjoy the rest of your day instead of trying to clean a balloon.

The third way How to remove pet hair out of car is:

Duct tape or Packaging tape

What we will need is just any type of wide duct tape/packing tape and it needs to be super sticky which means a new one or a still sticky one.

First wrap duct backwards around your hand, basically wrap it with the sticky side on the outside and the nonsticky side in direct contact with your hand, and wrap it until it cover your whole hand.

Now press it against your car seats or your car carpets and lift then press and lift again, the hair will stick to the tape and voila; no more hair on your car seats or car carpets.

Repeat the process until satisfied with the result, replace the tape periodically.

The fourth way how to remove pet hair out of car is:

Using a Vacuum cleaner

The best car vacuum cleaner sounds a little bit exaggerated. Each one of us prefers a certain type of vacuum cleaners. There are many types of vacuums that might be right for you. For example just the regular one cannot do all the work. But if you use instead a pet vac it will.

pet hair vacuum hair cleanerThe pet hair vacuum cleaners come with hair attachments or brush attachments. With the rubber bristles they do the same work that the balloon and the rubber glove professionally and easier.

And leaves you with far more better results!. So just use the vacuum and rest assured you car will be clean as new.

Extra advice:

A towel or a blanket could be used but not as a permanent solution.(Since your pet hair would be flying everywhere) It’s also possible to take your car to a professional car-wash but it cannot be done so often financially.

we hope that we have enlightened you about how to remove pet hair out of car. And we hope that now your car can stay clean with no hard work.